I’ve had a lifelong love affair with nature, starting as a small child. My mother introduced me to the great joys found in the natural world and the importance of a deep, abiding respect for all living things. In my teens, I discovered photography and the ability to capture precious moments in time. A few of my first photographs – taken over 50 years ago – are still among my most favourite. The love of my life, who later became my life partner, sitting on a rock in the ocean with her gorgeous red, waist length hair shining the afternoon sun. Two good friends standing together at a distance, framed by the boughs of fir trees, their images perfectly reflected in the still waters on a mud flat at low tide. Two young guys who remained close lifelong friends.

In my mid-twenties I was able to incorporate photography into paid work and gained the great privilege of being able to travel and photograph many wild and remote places in the Yukon. But it wasn’t until much later in life that I discovered the joy of sketching narrative thoughts and ideas to accompany the images of nature that emerged through many wildwood and beach walks. Observing how my dog experienced the world I began to see the world through a different lens – up close and personal.

I developed this site as a way of sharing some of the images and descriptions of my work. I created the word ‘Poetography’ to describe my work after hearing an interview with an author who worked for many years developing new words to better describe many aspects of life. Many of these ‘new’ words combined thoughts and ideas to create a unique description. Having chosen forms of poetry to describe the photographs on this site, I came up with Poetography. I hope you enjoy.